About Popeci Club

Popeci Club was founded in 2002 following a desire to give employees an ideal place to relax. The beginnings were timid: one football field. But the demand was high, both within the Popeci team and outside it. So the already built football field was renovated and a new tennis court was added. Then came the second football field. But it was still not enough.

We dared then to dream more and we decided to create a sports facility in the true sense. It followed a massive investment which changed completely the face of the former club, turning it into what it is today: 4 tennis courts, 2 tennis halls, a football field, a football hall and a small bar / cafe where people can relax and chat.

Our motto is that a person who practices any type sport is a healthier person, more balanced, both competitive and also good in team work. What differentiates us in the local market is the possibility of practicing many sports in one place. Popeci Club is addressed to families and groups of friends who want to practice sport together but have different preferences.

The private parking, the coffee shop and the changing rooms with showers are other facilities that we offer to those who come to us. The passion and love for the sport always motivated us to progress, and the health achieved through sport is something that we will always support.

Play Club

Once the activities are finished, it is pleasant to relax with a cool lemonade in the summer or a hot tea during winter. Or maybe a relaxing moment between the rounds of an intense match. You have the possibility to make this in a comfortable environment inside the center.


Do you love sport and movement and want to be part of a team that is on the same wavelength with you? Send us your CV to the email address office@popeciclub.ro and come to Popeci Club team!